$15 kathson Reptile Snake Feeding Box Breeding Hatching Container Li Pet Supplies Reptiles Amphibians $15 kathson Reptile Snake Feeding Box Breeding Hatching Container Li Pet Supplies Reptiles Amphibians Box,Pet Supplies , Reptiles Amphibians,$15,hamdardcity.com,/anepigraphic178242.html,kathson,Li,Reptile,Container,Snake,Hatching,Breeding,Feeding kathson Reptile Snake Feeding Very popular! Box Container Breeding Li Hatching Box,Pet Supplies , Reptiles Amphibians,$15,hamdardcity.com,/anepigraphic178242.html,kathson,Li,Reptile,Container,Snake,Hatching,Breeding,Feeding kathson Reptile Snake Feeding Very popular! Box Container Breeding Li Hatching

kathson Reptile Snake Feeding New mail order Very popular Box Container Breeding Li Hatching

kathson Reptile Snake Feeding Box Breeding Hatching Container Li


kathson Reptile Snake Feeding Box Breeding Hatching Container Li

Product description

High quality plastic material, odorless, safe and durable. The box is suitable for lizards, ants, spiders, scorpions and other small reptiles. Multiple vents and transparent design facilitate ventilation and observation of animal behavior. Moderate size, lightweight and portable, easy to carry. The box can be used repeatedly and durable for long time use.

1. Ideal for Larvae spiders, ants, scorpions and other small reptiles and Amphibians.
2. Super multi-vent for pets to breathe fresh air.Transparent design makes it easy for pet owners to observe pet behavior.
3. Light weight, easy to carry. It is ideal for transport, temporary housing. Good solution for reptile transport.
4. PP material, Smooth surface with no burrs,safe, rugged, durable and reusable. It can be used repeatedly and durable for long time use and easy to clean.
5. Large and small double opening design, fashionable and convenient. Notch design, more convenient to open the lid.
6. Unique built-in buckle design, matching feeding bowl, firmly stuck, easy combination, does not take up space.

Color:Black transparent
Material: PP
Size: 12.6" x 8.7" x 5.9" / 32*22*15 cm ( L*W*H)

Package Contents:
1 * Feeding Container
1 * Feeding bowl

1.Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve them with in 24 hour
Thank you for your purchase and support!

kathson Reptile Snake Feeding Box Breeding Hatching Container Li

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