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BEARPAW Women's Loketta Slipper


BEARPAW Women's Loketta Slipper

Product description

Slippers you can live in. Introducing Loketta, our classic slipper with a new slimmed down look. Cow suede upper with wool blend collar and a center seam detail, gives this style a great shape. The lightweight outsole travels both indoors and out with ease.

BEARPAW Women's Loketta Slipper

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Services & Events

General Visiting Times

Admission Prices

Today’s services and events

7:30 am - 7:45 am

Morning Prayer

7:50 am - 8:20 am

Holy Communion

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Memorial Service for Richard Galloway

5:30 pm - 6:15 pm


Today at York Minster

First admission

9:30 am

Last admission

3:30 pm

Minster only

Adult/Senior - £12.00

Students (not studying in York) - £9

Child (16 and under)* - free with a paying adult

York resident/York student - free with proof of address

Minster and tower

Adult/Senior - £17

Students (not studying in York) - £14

Child (8-16) - £5


York Minster is one of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals.

Since the 7th century, the Minster has been at the centre of Christianity in the north of England and today remains a thriving church rooted in the daily offering of worship and prayer. The Minster was built for the glory of God. Every aspect of this ancient building - from the exquisite, handcrafted stone through to the unrivalled collection of medieval stained glass - tells the story of Jesus Christ. We invite you to discover this sacred place and the love of God at its heart, which has attracted people from across the globe for more than 1000 years.


A New Assistant Organist for York Minster

07 Sep, 2021

A new statue of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for York Minster

18 Aug, 2021

York Minster’s Grinling Gibbons Exhibition to launch with a message from HRH The Prince of Wales

28 Jul, 2021

Double Consecration at York Minster – The Bishop of Birkenhead and the Bishop of Stockport

30 Jun, 2021

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York Minster

What’s On highlights

25 Jun - 01 Jan 24

Light, Glass & Stone: Conserving the St Cuthbert Window

Click here

01 Aug - 31 Jul 22

Grinling Gibbons: Monuments to Glory

Click here

09 Sep - 07 Oct 21

Events for the season of creation

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Our weekly prayer

Risen, ascended Lord,
as we rejoice at your triumph,
fill your Church on earth with power and compassion,
that all who are estranged by sin
may find forgiveness and know your peace,
to the glory of God the Father.  

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