PinMart's U.S. Coast Guard Military Cheap bargain R Patriotic Safety Lanyard w Patriotic,Military,PinMart's,U.S.,Coast,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Lanyard,Guard,w/Safety,$16,R,/devaluate282204.html, $16 PinMart's U.S. Coast Guard Military Patriotic Lanyard w/Safety R Office Products Office School Supplies PinMart's U.S. Coast Guard Military Cheap bargain R Patriotic Safety Lanyard w $16 PinMart's U.S. Coast Guard Military Patriotic Lanyard w/Safety R Office Products Office School Supplies Patriotic,Military,PinMart's,U.S.,Coast,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Lanyard,Guard,w/Safety,$16,R,/devaluate282204.html,

PinMart's U.S. Coast Guard Military Cheap bargain Inexpensive R Patriotic Safety Lanyard w

PinMart's U.S. Coast Guard Military Patriotic Lanyard w/Safety R


PinMart's U.S. Coast Guard Military Patriotic Lanyard w/Safety R

Product description

Size:5 Pack

This U.S. Coast Guard lanyard is smooth to the touch with awesome graphics and is reversible. The first side includes the US Coast Guard emblem in a white background and the 2nd side includes a great Coast Guard blue color backdrop. It's like getting two lanyards for one the price of one. It features a safety clip release at the nape of the neck, ideal for military academies, schools and events. It has a swivel thumb hook; perfect to attach your keys, military or corporate I.D. badge to. Wear everyday to display your love for the U.S. Coast Guard or your favorite hero. You can attach your favorite pin to it as well!

PinMart's U.S. Coast Guard Military Patriotic Lanyard w/Safety R

Image:  Robe Camel Farm, Limestone Coast

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