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2+2 Screen Protector + Camera with Sam Lens outlet Compatible Fees free

2+2 Screen Protector + Camera Lens Protector Compatible with Sam


2+2 Screen Protector + Camera Lens Protector Compatible with Sam

Product description

Color:2+2 Screen Protectors + Camera Lens Protectors Compatible with S20 PLUS

2++2 for Galaxy S20 PLUS professional screen and camera lenses protection solutions

Professional design for Galaxy S20 PLUS Screen Protector [2*PACK] and camera lenses Screen Protector[2*PACK]

Touch Screen Sensitivity
*Touch Sensitivity Adjustment: Go to your phone Settings menu - Advanced Features - Turn On Touch Sensitivity
*Sensitivity of the Home Button: Go to your phone Settings menu - Display - Navigation Bar ,youoll see the Hard Press Home Button feature.
The default setting is 3,but you can increase this up to a stronger setting of 5.
There is a test at the bottom of the screen that lets you gauge the sensitivity at each level,so go with what works for you.

Super hardness of 9H: Made of high-quality tempered glass, which can effectively prevent sharp and sharp objects from scratching the screen.
Professional design molding: 3D curved edges bring the best smooth feel. Provide the most comfortable experience.
99.99% transparency: 99.99% HD, bringing the original screen color experience
High-quality coatings: Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings reduce sweat and fingerprints, reducing interference with screen

Before installation, please clean the screen of the mobile phone thoroughly with wet and dry wipes. Wait for about 10 seconds to dry.
Before applying it to a mobile phone, peel off the plastic protective layer (with a label) from the screen protector.
If there are bubbles, use a hard card to push the bubbles from the center to the edge of the phone screen.

(You need to re-enter your fingerprint after installing the screen protector)

2+2 Screen Protector + Camera Lens Protector Compatible with Sam


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