/flameless1900006.html,Wine,Hand-painted,Designs,$0,Gl,hamdardcity.com,by,Girl”,Lolita,Artisan,“Graduation,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining /flameless1900006.html,Wine,Hand-painted,Designs,$0,Gl,hamdardcity.com,by,Girl”,Lolita,Artisan,“Graduation,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $0 Designs by Lolita “Graduation Girl” Hand-painted Artisan Wine Gl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Designs by Lolita “Graduation Girl” OFFicial site Artisan Hand-painted Wine Gl $0 Designs by Lolita “Graduation Girl” Hand-painted Artisan Wine Gl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Designs by Lolita “Graduation Girl” OFFicial site Artisan Hand-painted Wine Gl

Designs by Lolita “Graduation Girl” OFFicial site Artisan Hand-painted Wine 1 year warranty Gl

Designs by Lolita “Graduation Girl” Hand-painted Artisan Wine Gl


Designs by Lolita “Graduation Girl” Hand-painted Artisan Wine Gl

Product description

Style:LOLITA WG Graduation Girl

Designs by Lolita are colorful combinations of fun, entertainment and celebration well spent with the special people in our lives. For the graduation girl who didn’t let a black gown stop her from looking fabulous, she deserves a fitting glass to celebrate her hard-earned diploma. All Lolita glassware features hand-decorated accents and painting, so each piece is an individual work of art. About Us: Enesco is committed to BRING JOY EVERY DAY. The premier global destination for high-quality giftware, and home décor, our prestigious family of brands includes: Department 56 Village, Gregg Gift, Foundations, Jim Shore Heartwood Creek, Disney Traditions by Jim Shore, Disney Showcase Collection, Disney by Britto, Designs by Lolita, Our Name Is Mud, and many more.

From the manufacturer

Designs by Lolita “Graduation Girl” Hand-painted Artisan Wine Gl

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