Natural Product Wooden Hamster House Flat Top S Hut for Hamsters Hideout Wooden,S,Top,Natural,$6,Hamsters,Hamster,Hideout,Flat,,/havildar1981622.html,for,House,Pet Supplies , Small Animals,Hut $6 Natural Wooden Hamster House Flat Top Hideout Hut for Hamsters S Pet Supplies Small Animals Wooden,S,Top,Natural,$6,Hamsters,Hamster,Hideout,Flat,,/havildar1981622.html,for,House,Pet Supplies , Small Animals,Hut $6 Natural Wooden Hamster House Flat Top Hideout Hut for Hamsters S Pet Supplies Small Animals Natural Product Wooden Hamster House Flat Top S Hut for Hamsters Hideout

Natural Product Wooden Hamster Many popular brands House Flat Top S Hut for Hamsters Hideout

Natural Wooden Hamster House Flat Top Hideout Hut for Hamsters S


Natural Wooden Hamster House Flat Top Hideout Hut for Hamsters S

Product description

Condition:100% Brand New
Material: Wood
Color: As Pictures Shown
Wood House Size(L*W*H): approx.10.5*9*7cm/4.1*3.5*2.8in
Weight: Approx.145g/5.1oz

Package list:
1 * Hamster House

Natural Wooden Hamster House Flat Top Hideout Hut for Hamsters S

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