Rubie's Costume Co Duck Hoodie Fresno Mall Pet Hoodie,Co,Costume,/husk178078.html,Pet,Costume,,Duck,$8,Rubie's,Pet Supplies , Dogs $8 Rubie's Costume Co Duck Hoodie Pet Costume Pet Supplies Dogs $8 Rubie's Costume Co Duck Hoodie Pet Costume Pet Supplies Dogs Rubie's Costume Co Duck Hoodie Fresno Mall Pet Hoodie,Co,Costume,/husk178078.html,Pet,Costume,,Duck,$8,Rubie's,Pet Supplies , Dogs

Rubie's Costume Co Duck Hoodie Fresno Max 52% OFF Mall Pet

Rubie's Costume Co Duck Hoodie Pet Costume


Rubie's Costume Co Duck Hoodie Pet Costume

Product description


Ducky hoodie costume features yellow duck hoodie with orange trim; attached hood is duck head. Costume is 100% polyester and hand-washable. With Rubie's Costume Company, every member of the family can dress up all year long! Rubie's Costume Company has been creating costumes since 1950, of course they'd remember your pet. Important! Not all costumes will fit all pets, consider costume style and animal size; read the Rubie’s pet size chart and watch the sizing instruction video, do not select size based on breed. Family-owned, family-focused, and based in the USA Since 1950, Rubie’s is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of costumes – of course they’d remember your four-legged best friend!

Rubie's Costume Co Duck Hoodie Pet Costume

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