$17 Baldwin FB1311 Fuel Filter Base Automotive Replacement Parts Baldwin FB1311 Fuel Base Import Filter FB1311,Base,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/husk1981578.html,$17,Fuel,Baldwin,hamdardcity.com,Filter $17 Baldwin FB1311 Fuel Filter Base Automotive Replacement Parts FB1311,Base,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/husk1981578.html,$17,Fuel,Baldwin,hamdardcity.com,Filter Baldwin FB1311 Fuel Base Import Filter

Baldwin San Jose Mall FB1311 Fuel Base Import Filter

Baldwin FB1311 Fuel Filter Base


Baldwin FB1311 Fuel Filter Base

Product description

Fuel Filter Base, Length 1-15/16 In., Outside Dia. 3-19/32 In., Inlet 7/8-14 UNF, Outlet 7/8-14 UNF, For Use With -, Includes -

Baldwin FB1311 Fuel Filter Base

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