$12 mCover Hard Shell Case for 14" HP Chromebook X360 14-DA0000 Seri Electronics Computers Accessories mCover Hard Shell Case for 5 ☆ popular 14" Seri X360 HP Chromebook 14-DA0000 14",Hard,14-DA0000,Seri,X360,mCover,/husk282278.html,HP,$12,hamdardcity.com,for,Chromebook,Case,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Shell $12 mCover Hard Shell Case for 14" HP Chromebook X360 14-DA0000 Seri Electronics Computers Accessories mCover Hard Shell Case for 5 ☆ popular 14" Seri X360 HP Chromebook 14-DA0000 14",Hard,14-DA0000,Seri,X360,mCover,/husk282278.html,HP,$12,hamdardcity.com,for,Chromebook,Case,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Shell

mCover Hard Shell Case for 5 ☆ popular 14

mCover Hard Shell Case for 14" HP Chromebook X360 14-DA0000 Seri


mCover Hard Shell Case for 14" HP Chromebook X360 14-DA0000 Seri


Product Description

iPearl Inc., USA is founded by an electronic gadget fan in 2008. Empowered by innovation and excellence, our featured brand mCover offers protective, stylish hard-shell cases for Mac | Windows | Chromebook laptops.

Our mission is to design and develop custom-fit laptop cases for people to better enjoy their digital life. We have endeavored to maximize protection while enhancing better user experience.

We have proudly served 4,500,000+ customers and 6,000+ USA K12 schools as of May, 2021.

This mCover case is ONLY compatible with 2018 / 2019 14-inch HP Chromebook x360 14-DA series laptop ( with the 360-degree hinge ).

It does NOT fit other 14-inch HP laptop modes:

  • newer 2020 HP Chromebook x360 14A / 14B / 14C series with 360-degree hinge
  • HP Chromebook 14 G2 Qxxx series
  • HP Chromebook 14 G3 / G4 / 14-AK / G5 / G6 series
  • HP Stream 14-Zxxx Series Windows laptops
  • HP Stream 14-AX / 14-CB Series Windows laptops
  • HP Chromebook 14 G5 / 14-CA/ 14-DB

it does NOT fit ANY other laptop models.

HP X360 14-DA #139 HP 14-G3/G4 #255 HP 14-G5 HP C14 G2 #241 Stream 14-AX/14-CB
mCover for 14" HP Chromebook X360 14-DA mCover for HP Chromebook 14 G3 / G4 / 14-AK / Stream 14-Zxxx Windows laptops mCover for 14" HP Chromebook 14 G5 / 14-CA/ 14-DB mCover for 14" HP Chromebook 14 G2 mCover for14" HP Stream 14-AX / 14-CB Series Windows Laptop
Laptop Dimension 12.81” x 8.93” x 0.63” 13.54” x 9.45” x 0.70” 13.56” x 9.44” x 0.81” 13.56” x 9.44” x 0.81” 13.27” x 8.9” x 0.71”
Laptop Screen Size 14-inch 14-inch 14-inch 14-inch 14-inch
2-in-1 Convertible
Traditional Hinge

mCover Hard Shell Case for 14" HP Chromebook X360 14-DA0000 Seri

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