Folders,,Full,11,Manila,Tab,,End,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Letter,Cut,Size,,,/husk282378.html,$58,Double,Pock,pt 11 pt Manila Folders Full Cut Pock Double Size cheap Tab Letter End 11 pt Manila Folders Full Cut Pock Double Size cheap Tab Letter End $58 11 pt Manila Folders, Full Cut End Tab, Letter Size, Double Pock Office Products Office School Supplies Folders,,Full,11,Manila,Tab,,End,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Letter,Cut,Size,,,/husk282378.html,$58,Double,Pock,pt $58 11 pt Manila Folders, Full Cut End Tab, Letter Size, Double Pock Office Products Office School Supplies

Easy-to-use 11 pt Manila Folders Full Cut Pock Double Size cheap Tab Letter End

11 pt Manila Folders, Full Cut End Tab, Letter Size, Double Pock


11 pt Manila Folders, Full Cut End Tab, Letter Size, Double Pock

Product description

This folder has a double pocket installed into the folder on the inside front panel to hold full size documents and small or loose materials securely in the folder. THESE FOLDERS WILL NOT FIT IN FILE DRAWERS. The pocket is made from 11pt manila and glued onto the inside front panel. This folder comes with U-File-M binder strips that allows for the organization of the documents without punching.

11 pt Manila Folders, Full Cut End Tab, Letter Size, Double Pock

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