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Hamdard City is a Housing Project being developed Near Chakri interchange on Islamabad Motorway M2.


At Hamdard City, we believe it’s a basic human right to have an affordable place for living. We’re building Pakistan’s first community-centric Housing Society, where the aim is not to make profits only, but to provide the best possible amenities and facilities to our residence.


Hamdard City is located on 5 minutes drive from M2 Motorway Chakri Interchange Islamabad, 20 minutes drive from Islamabad International Airport, on 35 minutes drive from T-Chowk Islamabad and right next to proposed Ring Road Islamabad which makes it easily accessible for our residents from all the sides of Rawalpindi & Islamabad. And it also connects you with the whole region through the most awaited China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).


Hamdard City is offering the most reasonable prices of land as compared to any other housing project in the locality. Unlike other brands in the housing industry, Hamdard City does not make it complex for our buyers by selling them open files, then announcing the balloting and then the allotment of plots, rather you get the direct ownership of the property without any complex procedures and you’re provided with exact plot number and original documents to keep you safe from any kind of scam and inconvenience.

Close to Nature:

At Hamdard City, we’re providing a life with lush green surroundings like parks, green belts, and trees all along the roads & streets. To make your life more exotic, there’s a Lake as well.

Roads & Streets:

We have built 35 to 50 feet wide streets & 190 feet wide main road to make it easy for moving around on your cars and 5 ft wide footpaths for pedestrians. Hamdard city has left 30% of residential land for parks, roads, and streets to provide a better quality of life over there.

Community Service:

Hamdard City is Pakistan’s first and only Community-centric Housing Society. We’re building multiple community centers in the town, to facilitate our residents for hosting their guests in case of any emergency and other social needs.

Business Opportunities:

Hamdard City is located at the focal point of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which connects the whole region with each other. Hence, this area is going to be a Business Hub of Pakistan in the coming years. Moreover, all the major industries are being shifted from Rawalpindi, Islamabad towards this area as it’s more convenient and easily accessible, so being part of Hamdard City will give you an opportunity to avail these benefits of the locality and make the best of it.

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